The discovery pass

235,00 TTC

Duration of the activity : 3 afternoons (3 x 2 h 30 )

Who is concerned ? : from the age of 8 years old.

What is included ? : the diving equipment, the boat trips, the instructor. The first dive you will be alone with the instructor but the other ones you can be 2 or 3 with the instructor if it’s possible (it depends on the skill of each after the first dive). After these 3 dives you will get the card of the french federation ( FFESSM) Pack discovery.

Kind of activity : initiation to scuba diving wich allow you to go 6 meters deep (it depends

of the age of the diver ). The dives will be made in 3 afternoons, and if the weather is fine on 3 different spots.

Important to know

For the children a parental autorization is necessary (Download the document)

You will have to fill a medical questionnaire (Download the document)

We can order a video photo report of your activity.


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