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Staff encadrant Narval Plongée Cassis

Fabienne Henry

E4, DE JEPS, MN, Staff Ins. SDI 3 stars instructor CMAS Assisted by a competent team of qualified instructors, Fabienne Henry, 3 stars instructor CMAS, took over the management of the diving club 'le Narval' in January 2002. She is also involved in federal life as a regional instructor. Thousands of dives and a few hundred more every year, more than 40 years of experience and various skills in the field (TRIMIX instructor, child diving instructor, TRIMIX gas blender, SDI course director...), Fabienne will take you for unforgettable dives, in the respect of safety rules. Her good mood and her communicative joie de vivre will also ensure you good moments out of the water :-).

Staff encadrant Narval Plongée Cassis

Thierry Avaro

E4, DEJEPS 3 stars instructor, OWSI
Never happier than when he is underwater, he will make you discover the many nooks and crannies of the drop-offs and their most secret inhabitants. He has a particular weakness for "gorgone caméléon" and the multicoloured dories. He is the handyman of the gang, he is always ready to help... He's not afraid to grab a key to adjust a regulator, get his hand in the motor, or on the shutter release of his camera which never leaves him. Scubapro technician, he is certified to work on all scubapro equipment (regulators, stab...). He has been diving for more than 20 years in the national park of the calanques, he also has a long experience in animation and holiday resorts. Comfortable with young and old alike, he shares his passion for the big blue with everyone.


Tom Marneffe

E4 DE JEPS, instructor, rebreather.
He has been diving since he was 4 years old, and he hasn't stopped. He scoured the dive sites of the Red Sea, the Pacific and Indian Oceans, and the Belgian quarries. He is a rebreather specialist and above all, he loves diving.
He has the patience of a good instructor.
He is strengthening our team.
Don't be surprised if you see him diving in waterproofs even in summer... He's a cold one.


Bateau Don Luis Narval Plongée Cassis
Don Luis Bateau Narval Plongée
Bateau Don Luis Narval Plongée Cassis
Bateau Don Luis Narval Plongée Cassis
Formation plongée sous-marine Cassis

Don Luis

Since the beginning of June 2003, the Narval Plongée centre has had the Don Luis, a boat, perfectly equipped to take 25 divers in the Cassis’ calanques in complete safety.

Spacious, it has a comfortable ladder, an awning and a shower.

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