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Faune et flore Narval Plongée Cassis


Located in Cassis on the Mediterranean coast, close to the second most important French town Marseille and its international airport, the scuba diving club 'Narval Plongée' offers unforgettable dives into magnificent sites. Would you be PADI, FFESSM, SSI, CMAS, IANTD or from another federation, you will find at 'Narval Plongée' a welcoming and reliable centre where you will be able to do all types of scuba diving in complete safety with the agreement of the diving director

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quality and personalized service


We want to offer a premium and personalized service, to advanced divers as well as to beginners.

The reception in the club is very meticulous, because one needs to knows the motivations and wishes of each diver to suggest them dives which correspond to what they want. The choice of diving sites is done according to the weather of course, but also according to the features of the different divers in each trip. The diving teams are trained to take into account everyone’s wishes, security rules set by the French legislation, but also the requirements of each type of certificate. A security briefing and a description of the diving sites are given before each diving trip.

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The « refresch dive »

Of course, you are a certified diver, but that doesn’t always mean you are ready to dive to your full potential… If you have not been diving for some time, you may need a “refresh” dive.

The dive will take place in a calm environment. The instructor will take the time to remind you of essential technical gestures. You’ll go over safety procedures again (descent management, ears, mask clearing, vest management (both during descent and ascent), fins, regulator loss, communication, etc.).

Here are the signs to watch out for:

1. You can’t find your certification card.

Of course, you can look for your level card on your certifying organization’s website (if you can remember its name …) but if you can’t find your card, it’s a sign that perhaps too much time has passed since your last dive.

2. Six to twelve months have passed since your last dive.

One of the first questions a diver is asked is: “When was the last time you dived?

If you haven’t dived for some time (6 months to a year), we’ll suggest a “refresh” dive. This will give you time to re-familiarize yourself with diving and your equipment. You’ll dive to a reasonable depth, depending on your level and skills.

If it’s been more than a decade since your last dive, you may need more than just a refresher.

3. The idea of assembling your diving equipment makes you nervous.

If you have trouble remembering how the equipment is assembled, or controlling your pressure, remember that the instructor can help – but it may be time for a refresher.

4. You’re having trouble equalizing your ears.

It’s likely that you’re struggling with ear equalizing technique and/or buoyancy management. You could probably benefit from a calm return to the water.

5. You can’t remember when you last dived.

In this case, you’ll probably need more than just a refresher course.

If you’re still not sure whether you need a refresher course, you can always hire a private instructor who will adapt to your diving skills.

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