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We welcome you for all diving experiences

All our diving courses are available on request, in individual lessons or in small group. We will find together the date that suits you most (with exception for instructor trainings).

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Wy do you need to take courses.

To be at eased and autonomous under water, you need to be trained by an instructor. This will allow you to discover a new environment and different biotopes. You can also learn more advanced diving practices. With a yearly medical certificate, you can learn how to dive safely and enjoy the wonderful sea life. For each diving course, you will receive an card with international validity, certifying your level. We are members of the international diving certification agencies so you can start or continue a certified training with us. We offer a personalized experience adjusted to your previous experiences.

The different courses

We offer courses for young children and teenagers and adults : - from the age of 8 years old: A child discovery course - from the age of 10 years old : open water certification. - from the age of 12 years old : 1st star diver - from the age of 14 years old : 1st star diver or open water, or PE 40
- from the age of 15 years old : 2st star diver - from the age of 16 years old: PA20 Advanced Open Water - from the age of 18 years old: 3rd star diver or 60 meters Accompanied Diver

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Specialization diving

We offer courses focused on specific skills for those who wish to specialized in techniques such as deep dive, dives with Nitrox, Trimix, or learn underwater photography, underwater biology… More details on demand.

Become a dive leader

Do you wish to go futher and become dive leader or instructor ? We organize courses and exams for dive master or leader and instructors. We can also support you for the preparation of the different examinations, in France: Initiateur, MF 1, Instructeur SDI. We are certified to supervise trainees following courses for BPJEPS or DEJEPS.

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